David J. Starling

e-mail: david.starling [at] gmail [dot] com

title: Research Scientist

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I recently joined the team at HyperLight in Cambridge, MA. We develop ultrahigh speed, power efficient and scalable electro-optic integrated circuits. Before joining the team I was an Associate Professor of Physics at the Pennsylvania State University (Hazleton Campus). My areas of expertise include photonic integrated circuits in silicon and thin film lithium niobate, experimental quantum optics, quantum measurement, quantum information, atomic memories and applied physics. Below you will find more information about me, but feel free to download my curriculum vitae PDF. For more details on my research, check out the Research page.

  • HyperLight

    Research Scientist - July 2021-Present
    Research and Development

  • Pennsylvania State University - Hazleton Campus

    Associate Professor of Physics - 2012-present
    Experimental Quantum Optics

  • University of Rochester

    Ph.D., Physics - 2008-2012
    Thesis: Precision Measurement in Quantum Optics PDF

  • University of Rochester

    M.A., Physics - 2006-2008

  • State University of New York at Fredonia

    B.S., Physics and Mathematics - 2002-2006
    Thesis: Connecting the 3-d O(4) Heisenberg Spin Model to the 4-d SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory


Teaching Experience

  • Physics Professor

    2012 - 2021
    Penn State University

  • Physics Lecturer

    University of Rochester

  • Science and Math Tutor

    University of Rochester Kearns Center

  • Teaching and Lab Assistant

    University of Rochester Physics Department

  • Physics and Math Tutor and Instructor

    SUNY Fredonia Learning Center


Conference Presentations

  • TM Polarized Photon Pair Generation in Linearly Uncoupled Silicon Resonators

    May 2020
    CLEO, Virtual

  • Spatially Resolved Raman Spectra of Diffusion Flame via Compressive Sensing

    May 2018
    CLEO, San Jose, CA

  • Simulating errors in annual energy production from a shaded photovoltaic system

    October 2016
    APS Mid Atlantic Meeting, Newark, DE.

  • 3D Printing Opto-Mechanics

    January 2016
    AAPT Winter Meeting, New Orleans, LA

  • Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

    July 2015
    Solar 2015, University Park, PA

  • Fast spectrophotometry with compressive sensing

    March 2015
    APS March Meeting, San Antonio, TX

  • Tie goes to the runner: the physics and psychology of a close play

    March 2015
    APS Mid-Atlantic Meeting, Morgantown, WV PDF

  • Fast spectrophotometry with compressive sensing

    March 2015
    APS Meeting, San Antonio, TX PDF

  • Single photon detection with an actively quenched light emitting diode

    October 2014
    APS Mid-Atlantic Meeting, Penn State University PDF

  • Testing a Method for De-energizing Solar Panels for Firefighting

    July 2014
    ASES SOLAR 2014, San Francisco, CA PDF

  • Compressive sensing for spatial and spectral flame diagnostics

    March 2014
    APS March Meeting, Denver, CO PDF

  • Efficacy of weak measurement reversal for stochastic amplitude damping

    March 2013
    APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD PDF

  • Null Weak Values and Quantum State Discrimination

    September 2012
    Israel Physics Society Conference at Hebrew University, Jerusalem

  • A Double Resonance Atomic Prism

    October 2012
    Frontiers in Optics, Rochester, NY

  • The Wonderful World of Weak Values

    July 2011
    Nonlinear Optics: Materials, Fundamentals and Applications, Kauai, HI

  • Extracting an entanglement signature from only classical mutual information

    June 2011
    Cross Border Workshop, Rochester, NY PDF

  • Extracting an entanglement signature from only classical mutual information

    May 2011
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Baltimore, MD PDF

  • Continuous phase amplification with a Sagnac interferometer

    March 2011
    APS March Meeting, Dallas, TX

  • Near Quantum Limited Optical Phase Measurements on a Dark Fringe

    October 2010
    Frontiers in Optics, Rochester, NY PDF

  • Deflection Measurements with Weak Values

    October 2010
    Frontiers in Optics, Rochester, NY

  • Heralded single photon partial coherence

    May 2010
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, CA

  • Weak Value Deflection Measurement

    October 2009
    Sym. on Optical Int. and Quantum Systems, Rochester, NY PDF

  • Slow and Stopped Images

    September 2009
    OSA Slow and Fast Light, Honolulu, HI

  • Storing and manipulating multimode transverse images in hot atomic vapors

    October 2008
    OSA Laser Science, Rochester, NY


Professional Affiliations

  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

    2015 - 2021

  • Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA)

    2013 - 2021

  • Optical Society of America (OSA)

    2008 - present

  • American Physical Society (APS)

    2005 - present

  • Society for Physics Students (SPS)

    2005 - 2012


Professional Service

  • Faculty Affairs Committee

    Penn State Hazleton

  • Science and Engineering Club Adviser

    Penn State Hazleton

  • Open House, Orientation, Move-in Day & Fun Fest Volunteer

    Penn State Hazleton

  • Educational Technology Committee

    Penn State Hazleton

  • Research Committee

    Penn State Hazleton

  • Journal Reviewer

    Physical Review (PRL and PRA), Optics Letters

  • Conference Organizer

    Cross Border Workshop, Rochester, NY
    Photonics for Quantum 2, Rochester, NY